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Autumn 2018

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Unmethod publishes for the web, providing web applications and editorial services for creative individuals and organizations.

Our clients include artists, architects, musicians, designers, photographers, cinematographers, educators, print publishers and farmers.

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Unmethod offers a range of web publishing services, from site design and architecture, to content creation and management, to enterprise grade e-commerce and hosting solutions.

We also offer editorial services, for all your English language content needs. Provide us with a first draft of your English language copy, and Unmethod will do the rest — using a rigorous drafting process, we transform rough concepts into clear, concise, grammatically continuous narratives.

Below are some recent samples of our work:

  1. 01 Frantsila Herb Farm

    Frantsila represents a 300 year family history of organic land tenure, an extreme northern latitude that produces some of the hardiest plants on the planet, a hand-crafted, small batch production method, and a GMO free, cruelty free commitment. Go and buy as much beauty and wellness as you can manage.

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  2. 02 Lokal Helsinki

    Part exhibition space and part concept store, Lokal sells independent Finnish art and design objects, offering a curated selection of items that reflect the inherent value of handmade process, craftsmanship and small scale production. If one must buy an object, buy an object that matters.

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  3. 03 Finarte

    Finarte designs and manufactures affordable, sustainable rugs that balance a traditional Finnish rag rug weaving heritage with a contemporary Finnish design sensibility. Know your warp from your weft.

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  4. 04 LumoKids

    Can a children's furniture line satisfy an adult's desire for beautiful, functional design, as well as engage a child's infinitely playful and adventurous imagination? Yes it can.

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  5. 05 Hakola

    Handmade furniture from the woodworking capitol of central Finland, now for sale on the world wide web.

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  6. 06 Maijan Maailma

    A web magazine for the musings of Maija Lukkari-Nyman and friends, covering everything from kitchen works to home renovation to fitness tips and techniques.

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  7. 07 LUMI Accessories

    We provide regular code and content for the venerable Nordic leather goods maker.

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  8. 08 Niko Luoma

    The artist speaks for himself: “working only with light and light sensitive materials, I am fascinated by the fact that this process leaves nothing behind — no debris, no ruin — just an exposed negative.”

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  9. 09 KOLM3 Commerce

    Our very own managed e-commerce platform, which offers design-oriented companies and individuals an elegant and inexpensive web shop solution.

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May Irwin Kiss, “an osculatory performance by May Irwin and John Rice.” Just one of the gems from The LOC's new National Screening Room Collection, many of which are in the public domain.


Rams, a new documentary film from Gary Hustwit: “There is no future with so many redundant things.”


New York City Street Tree Map: “For the first time, you have access to information about every street tree in New York City.”


“Malick creates working environments for his actors and then constructions in the editing room that are meant to replace the very ideas of text and performance with pure behavior.” Kent Jones on Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life.


Joseph Albers's Concentric Squares, 1941: “One element plus another element, in addition to its sum, must yield an interesting relationship.”

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