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Unmethod publishes for the web, providing web applications and editorial services to small and mid-size enterprises, across a variety of creative fields.

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Unmethod offers diverse web publishing software, hardware and services, from site design and architecture, to content creation and amplification, to enterprise grade e-commerce, resource planning and hosting solutions.

We also offer editorial services, for all your English language content needs. Provide us with a first draft of your English language copy, and Unmethod will do the rest — using a rigorous research and drafting process, we transform rough concepts into clear, concise, logically continuous narratives.

Below are a few samples of our work:

  1. 01 Hakola

    With a new website plus an all new, integrated ERP system to manage every part of their growing business, Hakola begins a digital transformation that is almost as beautiful and functional as their handmade furniture.

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  2. 02 Papershop

    Papershop gets a new website for all things paper — visit them whenever a good pen and a clean sheet of paper are the only way forward.

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  3. 03 Nikari

    Founded in 1967 by Kari Virtanen, Nikari is a wood design studio and furniture maker located in Fiskars, Finland. Nikari came to us with a detailed site design already in hand, as well as a desire to manage all content placement in-house. We were happy to provide solutions for both design and desire.

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  4. 04 Common

    Established in Helsinki in 2007, Common presents a curated selection of Japanese goods and supplies that embody timelessness and formal simplicity, two common qualities that often connect Japanese and Nordic ways of life. Find your common ground.

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  5. 05 Finarte

    Finarte designs and manufactures affordable, sustainable rugs that balance a traditional Finnish rag rug weaving heritage with a contemporary Finnish design sensibility. Know your warp from your weft.

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  6. 06 LumoKids

    Can a children's furniture line satisfy an adult's desire for beautiful, functional design, as well as engage a child's infinitely playful and adventurous imagination? Yes it can.

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  7. 07 LUMI Accessories

    We provide regular code and content for the venerable Nordic leather goods maker.

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  8. 08 Niko Luoma

    The artist speaks for himself: “working only with light and light sensitive materials, I am fascinated by the fact that this process leaves nothing behind — no debris, no ruin — just an exposed negative.”

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  9. 09 KOLM3 Commerce

    Our very own managed e-commerce platform, which offers design-oriented companies and individuals an elegant and inexpensive web shop solution.

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For a rainy Helsinki morning: John Cage's Five, for any 5 voices or instruments, 1988. “I no longer consider it necessary to find alternatives to harmony. After all these years I am finally writing beautiful music.” A new box set of Cage's Number Pieces available here.


For AEK, on the ways of the hand, no. 003: Il Capo, a short film by Yuri Ancarani, about the hand gestures of a marble quarry boss. “I was so taken by the chief, watching him work. How he can move gigantic marble blocks using enormous excavators, but his own movements are light, precise and determined.”


For AEK, on the ways of the hand, no. 002: printmaker Keiji Shinohara demonstrates various techniques for creating ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodblock prints.


For AEK, on the ways of the hand, no. 001: beekeeper Erika Thompson removes a hive of bees from the floor of a backyard shed.

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